Product Placement has lived in print, radio, film and TV, but not the web. That’s because it was impossible, until now. We’ve digitized it, and in the process created a new category of digital media that we call – wait for it – Digital Product Placement!

Digital Product Placement

When you hear “Product Placement” you probably think of Reese’s Pieces in E.T., or Aviator sunglasses in Top Gun. We’re evolving the concept for the particulars of the web, which takes a special kind of technology magic.

Digital Product Placement is ground-breaking technology that embeds Brand and Publisher assets into the same meticulously crafted scene, and automates the ads within it.

We’ve made it programmatic too. Woot! (Hooray! Open RTB!!)

The Evolution of Product Placement

Zero work for the AdvertiserPublisher


Brands finally have a way to buy custom, high-impact ad units, at scale, without production time, hassle or crazy high CPMs.

All we need is an image, logo and ad copy and you’re live in mere hours!

We’ve integrated with Native DSPs, so buying programmatically is super simple.


Each Product Placement is a uniquely crafted Ad Scene for every publisher. No two scenes are alike and they behave as responsively as your site, so it works on all devices.

It’s simple to get started. We co-design a scene, you approve it and implement two lines of code. Done.

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