The First Dynamic
Customization Platform

We’ve built a Dynamic Customization Platform. You don’t know what that is yet because we haven’t officially launched. It’s to do with assembling ads into custom formats on-the-fly and with no effort for anyone but our software.

We’re inventing a new ad tech category by challenging a standard that’s been in place for 20 years. And we’re looking for brave and daring Publishers who want to be on the cusp of innovation.

As excited about this idea as we are? Reach out, or we’ll email you when we launch.

A Call for Enlightened
Web Publishers

This is a call for the enlightened. For those who value an open exchange of ideas to make something better.

We crave conversations with early-adopting Web Publishers who love being on the forefront of digital. If you’re the innovator of your org (or want to be), we’ll help you get a gold star at the office.

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The Manifesto

Custom-built things take longer and cost more. It’s no different in Digital Media, where cost and time are 10x the standard.

We thought there should be a way to connect custom ad units across Publishers who have different approaches, making it easier and less expensive for Advertisers to buy them. There wasn’t a way to do that — so we decided to build it.

We’re not Ad Tech people. We’re frustrated Publishers, Advertisers and Agency folk who think the ecosystem deserves something better.

We’re simplifying the building and buying of custom ads. Most will tell you, creating simplicity is intensely complex.